Intel 4965 AGN Wireless card in Debian Etch

Atlast a sign of relief 🙂 After a bit of struggle i was able to go wireless in my laptop, HP Pavillion 6833us. The laptop came pre installed with Vista. Anyway vista is sleeping there in the harddisk. I am yet to find a good use for that. Anyway installed Debian and faced a few problems with driver support. First one with the sound. Laptop had HDA Intel card, and alsa shipped with Debian, 1.0.13 had problems. Googled and upgraded to Alsa 1.0.15, which solved the problem.

After that left with the task of enabling wireless. First attempt was with Ndiswrapper. Looks like Ndiswrapper does not support Intel 4965 AGN Wireless. Anyway Intel has released the native wireless drivers for linux. The project is called iwlwifi, visit for further info. Also got a link, with steps to install in debian etch . What else is needed ? It is time to go wifi in debian 🙂 Follow the steps blindly you will have wireless configured in Debian.

As for Vista, RIP.