VTV – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

VTV is the third Gautam movie which i had seen in the first week. This time i saw the movie in Madurai, the renovated Jazz. To be true the theater was pretty decent and they had really turned on the air conditioner unlike few theaters where it is just printed on the ticket.

Coming to the movie, it is pretty decent effort from Gautam’s side and exactly has his touch of handling romantic scenes. As Gautam mentioned in his talks, it is the same old love story, told differently. It was a bit fresh and practical when compared to other love stories. The romantic dialogues were pretty impressive and as usual, it was more in English and Malayalam than in Tamil. Funny part, he does mention about it in the movie. So seems to be stricly for A centers. The location, the screenplay and the picturisation were great.

Simbhu should have struggled to act without punch dialogues, unnecessary fights and finger circus. So naturally it was a better performance and the role suited him too. Trisha as malayali girl was too beautiful and cute. Background voice of chinmayi too suited her nature as a calm and confused girl. Thanks to all those who had helped Trisha in looking beautiful 🙂 Costume selection was also good. Also, for a change Trisha’s face showed a lot of reactions, which was amazing. Rarely does the audience get to see Trisha acting and she has done a marvellous job in the movie.

Songs were already a hit, and i need not mention about ARR’s BGM. It did rock. Songs were great to watch. Though it is the same old love story, which Tamil cinema had repeatedly tred along few decades, the way in which it is told makes it interesting.

So what is the story ? I am not telling you anything, better know it when you see in theater. Thats the best way to enjoy the movie. Only thing, watch out for some twist at the end.

Commendable work from Gautam, would recommend seeing it once.

Vaaranam Aayiram

I liked the movie very much, it lived up to my expectations, looks like this is the best comment that can be made. Generalization might lead to argument. The movie has created mixed response and has kept people at two extremes, one who feel the movie is too good and another section who feel the movie too sentimental and moves at snail’s pace. I was totally mesmerized by the movie and would love to see the movie once again. The story is about the life of younger version of Surya guided by his affable and responsible father, who is none other than the older version of Surya. I am not revealing the storyline more than this. Gautam Menon and Surya’s hard work needs to be applauded, as they have worked really hard and achived success in showing the transition of Surya as ages from a mischievous school student to responsible Major in Indian army. What happens in between forms the story.

Though it is Surya who occupies every frame, the three heroines have used the little opportunities and make a little impression. The highlights of the movie are the songs and the romantic scenes between Surya and Sameera. Thamari’s lyrics blended with Harris Jayaraj music and Surya’s dance add strength to the movie. Almost all Surya’s dialogue seem to begin with “Daddy” which tests your patience a bit. I am not sure about how many people will accept Surya’s family using English to converse most of the times, even in critical situation they seem to stay away from their mother tongue. We have no clue on Gautam’s  choice but it does suggest that the movie is intended for only one section of the audience. Other than the movie is great and does make an impact. It is better not to believe the reviews as there is a very high probability of you ending up liking the movie. Hope this film turns out to be a hit.

Dhaam Dhoom

Definitely did not want to turn this into a cine blog with posts only about movies, but movies seem to be the only matter of interest which is worth sharing in the uneventful life 😦 So here goes yet another post about recently released tamil movie.

Recently watched the movie “Dhaam Dhoom” along with two of my friends in theater that was almost empty except for 60 wavering heads. I was there since it was Jeeva’s last film, and his previous two films had turned me into an ardent fan of Jeeva. The film was ok,  but you may notice few lapses in logic initially, something which i would not have expected in a Jeeva film. The film is about an Indian doctor who foolishly or unfortunately gets caught in a murder case in Russia, and runs to save his life from criminals and from police. As usual our hero escapes showers of bullets with small jumps. In this film you could also see Ravi defying laws of physics, and floating in air without effort. That is ok, Tamil Cinema never respected Newton’s gravity.  Songs are the best part of the movie, and Jeeva’s dexterity is visible in the locations selected for the songs. Kangana is good, Lakshmi Rai is better.  A bit of suspense is maintained but it should not be difficult to guess the villain. Though it did not satisfy my expectations, it is good and can be watched once.


If you are searching for story of the movie, this may not be the right place for you. I am not going to take away the suspense of what actually happens in the movie. The film was released with a lot of speculation about how the ten kamal characters will be related and on what the 140 Million has been spent on ? The movie was neat and clean. Kamal Hassan has done the ten roles with perfection and shows that “Ulaganayagan” is in fact a title well suited to him.

After watching the first half i thought the movie belonged to the hollywood action film genre, since the first half was filled with ruthless killings and breathtaking car chases and some geeky stuffs and jargon which would be difficult to pickup for a normal guy. After that the film moves on with beautiful screenplay taking care of the weak story and you don’t feel bored during the whole 3 hours.

Each and every important character that you see in movie is only Kamal. It was difficult the ten characters played by him at the end of the movie. Kamal in villain role needs to be applauded and it happens to be my favourite. Some characters were not necessary but probably added to exceed the count of nine characters already done by veteran sivaji.

Asin comes along with the hero for almost the full length of the movie but fails to impress but irritates with her repetitive dialogues. Mallika, as usual included for a skin show, but looks like most of the scenes were eaten by the censor board 🙂 Other characters, not much to mention.

There are too many ways to interpret what kamal has tried to tell in the climax. Anyway watch the movie and decide it by yourself. Incase you have problems, refer to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_theory. We had a discussion among us for 90 minutes after reading the page and what kamal has tried to say in the movie. But do read it only after the movie, not before that.

To end, Dasavatharam is a great work by Kamal and is a movie worth spending money and time. Looks like a trend setter for tamil cinema, that is recovering slowly from the love for masala movies.

Santhosh Subrmaniam

Saw the movie santhosh subrmaniam last week which turned out to be a good one. Fast paced and filled with comedy, it was a good entertainer. For those who have seen the telugu version “Bommarillu” may find it to be  an exact copy of it. Since i had not seen the telugu movie, i could not find any issues. But comparing the pictures of both the films i could see that there is not even a slight difference in the costume of telugu and tamil version. Genelia had done the role of an innocent girl with ease and impresses all the way. No wonder she is offered the role in Hindi also. She looks beautiful, gorgeous, lovely and add all other adjectives that describe beauty. As for Remake Ravi, he seems to have a liking for remakes. As usual he has danced well but in this movie his dance steps seem to be different and attractive. For Prakash Raj, it is a cake walk and he fits into the role of the caring father easily. Kousalya, cricketer Ramesh’s appearance go without notice.  Comedy track is too good with special appreciation to Baskar who comes as the college professor in few  scenes. Yet another remake that could turn out to be a hit for Ravi.


How many times the same story is remade has little to make with the success of the movie. Billa falls into that category. Though this is the fourth version of the movie “Don” the director has made sure that the film is little different from the older version. The most important aspect of the film is the style of Ajith, i saw a different Ajith on the screen. Though i am not an Ajith fan, today got impressed with Ajith’s style. The director Vishuvardhan has made sure that only the positive aspects of Ajith go to the screen.

Once one of my friends told me the most negative aspect of Ajith is his eyes and the way he speaks his dialogues. You wont see any of these in that movie, bcoz his eyes are hidden behind a neat cooling glass for most of the movie and for a change Ajith speaks as little dialogues as possible. Prabhu impresses in the role he adorns but i have very little clue as to why the audience start laughing when he starts speaking serious dialogues. Nayanthara impresses in few scenes. Namitha as usual, no role in the movie except for an item number. The credit goes to vishnuvardhan for the rich set that is seen in almost all part of the movie. The background and costumes for the actors are well chosen and there could not be a better match.

The movie differs in almost all aspects with the previous version. The entire film is done in malaysia and not even in one scene they come to India. Though Rajini’s dance steps are not good his style over shadows that but Ajith’s dance was a disaster and it was visible fully in the screen.  Other than that it is a good movie worth watching. Great because of the richness that is visible through out the movie and you get an opportunity to see an entirely different Ajith after a long time.