Whats up!!!!!

Long time since i blogged. The last year appraisal(blog report) from wordpress showed 2014 was pretty bad 🙂 WordPress sugar coated the report with some nice stats and encouraging words but the fact was I had a total of 3 blog posts in 2014 with the last post coming on May, 2014. Yep, it didn’t make sense to trouble everyone with the details about the mundane life.  While review of movies, treks and travels looks repetitive, others were too personal to share in this space. It is this thought process that blocks most of the blog posts from getting published.

A sense of ennui has crept in as years passed by and the childish excitement seems to be missing. It is tough to keep the child in you active for a long time. Without that everything looks quite normal and ordinary 🙂 Let us blame it on the civilization and the society 🙂 Civilization seems to have screwed up the priorities. Though our needs look no different from that of any other animal species, we seem to be following a very convoluted process. Enough of philosophy. From the way the human species has successfully multiplied and established itself eradicating the other species, probably it makes more sense to follow the process with eyes closed 😀 😀 😀

Anyway 2014 has been a very interesting year with few unforgettable moments. A lot of interesting things happened personally. Few important decisions made. Reading habit has reduced a lot. I was trying to read the tamil book Kaval Kottam, and it turns out to be a book which i may not finish. Did go on few treks with the last one being Nishanimotte @ Coorg, Karnataka, but chose not to blog about them. MullayanagiriKemmangundi full trek still remains incomplete, with one more attempt made during 2014 monsoon which ended again halfway at Bababudangiri. Lets see what 2015 has in store.

Short Story of a Blog post

Some random thought at some random place. The thought looks so great!!!! Somewhere from the convolutions the command comes, go blog it and archive it forever. The command is supported with a steady flow of ideas. Under those situations there is never a shortage of words. The continuity of thought amazes me. Seldom do i get so many ideas. The mind fills up the content in few minutes with the similes, oxymorons, metaphors etc etc. The post is ready. Waits in the mind searching for opportunity to upload into the wordpress servers. Alas!!! Thats when you are far away from the digital world. The mobile connectivity too decides to take a break. Anyway a decision is made, a blog about it will be made in future about it.

The second half, when actually the thoughts are getting converted to bits and bytes. Vaguely remember the title chosen initially.   Unfortunately, most of the time seems to be happen after midnight, after hours of browsing facebook(dont know for what), looking after a randon nonsense bug or a movie. The search for thoughts starts. The head was full of ideas when it first originated. Now it feels like a read from /dev/zero 😦 😦 Ok sleep on the keyboard for 10 minutes after typing the first paragraph. Wakeup and save it as draft.

Now, the conclusion. It is no longer an interesting post that was in the mind. Rather an unfinished job. And it does disturb a lot. So on a day when some bugs dont get fixed, need something to complete and feel satisfied. Logon, add a little more BS, complete it and publish. Voila!!! Atlast a post is made and here it is!!!


The title denotes a ratio and it needs a bit of explanation about history of the incident and geography of the location for understanding the real intention of this post. Last sunday praveen and myself were at Indiranagar, filling our tummy with some Tamilnadu food in a tamilnadu hotel. A guy selling Jasmine, was roaming trying to sell some and earn his daily bread. Praveen gave a casual comment. The comment goes  like, who is going to buy jasmine in this city. From there it all started.  I spent the next ten minutes noting down how many girls or women decorate their hair with jasmine or some other flower. So now you might be  able to understand what that ratio means. Finding the intended specimens on a sunday evening in Indiranagar was not a problem.  Out of the 58 women i noticed only two had some sort of flower decorating their hair. And both of them had a little elderly look and from their appearance i could confirm both of them would have crossed 40. In the 56 some looked like north indians who might not have the habit at all. No idea whether it is common for women in karnataka to decorate their hair with flower. It could be  because of the serveral reasons, first the gals i noticed could be north indians, two the time might not be ideal for such a survey, three it was just a casual check done just for fun, fourth girls might be losing the habit altogether. But one thing is for sure, as praveen said the boy selling jasmine may not have a good business. Next time will try to notice a little more and come up with some more good data 😉

P.S. Don’t let your imagination run wild and waste time in researching about this topic.

Santhosh Subrmaniam

Saw the movie santhosh subrmaniam last week which turned out to be a good one. Fast paced and filled with comedy, it was a good entertainer. For those who have seen the telugu version “Bommarillu” may find it to be  an exact copy of it. Since i had not seen the telugu movie, i could not find any issues. But comparing the pictures of both the films i could see that there is not even a slight difference in the costume of telugu and tamil version. Genelia had done the role of an innocent girl with ease and impresses all the way. No wonder she is offered the role in Hindi also. She looks beautiful, gorgeous, lovely and add all other adjectives that describe beauty. As for Remake Ravi, he seems to have a liking for remakes. As usual he has danced well but in this movie his dance steps seem to be different and attractive. For Prakash Raj, it is a cake walk and he fits into the role of the caring father easily. Kousalya, cricketer Ramesh’s appearance go without notice.  Comedy track is too good with special appreciation to Baskar who comes as the college professor in few  scenes. Yet another remake that could turn out to be a hit for Ravi.

House hunting

Had been searching for a good house for two days in and around the area where we were living. The first day it ended up in just phone calls, as most of the house owners are allergic towards the word bachelor.  House owners give a scornful look once you pronounce the word “bachelor”. I was forced to check at times whether i look that disgusting. I thought myself and my friend looked a little ok, and not like rogues.  Probably they are expecting us to come out of the college married 🙂

Some were not willing to reduce the rent, the reason they are giving the house to bachelors. Anyway house owners have their own policy and looks whether you want it or not, like it or not, they are expecting an eve by your side. The hunt is on and is still going on, i mean the hunt for a decent house to live. Now i know why people were so particular in owning a house. It avoids hell a lot of problems.

What to do during free time

Most of us have our own idea of spending free time, anyway this is just a hint of what i do during free time. If you are against generalisation read the title as “What sen does during free time”. By free time i mean the time you are trying to kill, when you are deprived of electronic gadgets and if you do not want to do any
useful work.

Newspaper is the best friend

Newspapers are mighty tools that help in killing time. Anyway it depends on the choice of the newspapers. There are few newspapers here in bangalore which contain nothing but gossips. Starting from hollywood, bollywood the gossips boils downs to that of individual personal life. If a techie eats it becomes a news, if he  breaks his  relationship with his girlfriend it becomes the headlines. Sudokus in  newspapers also help a lot.

Phone a Friend

Sounds like a Kaun Bangega Crorepati option, is it ? This is one of the best options that i use almost every  night. If there is a friend who is in the same state like you, without work, with no option left to kill time,  then he is the right choice. Pickup the phone call him and talk rubbish for hours until you feel sleepy. Since   i have good amount of free talktime for local calls, talking for hours has not troubled me.

Sit and Stare

The most effortless option, lie down on your bed or if possible on the terrace, stare at the sky or ceiling and  let your imagination run wild. Think about what will happen tomorrow, what will happen if you meet a  beautiful girl tomorrow or what will happen if you get a chance to thrash your manager… If you want to  test your memory, think about what happened this day, last year. Rummaging through the past will always be interesting, as long as the present is pleasant.