Few funny phobias

Was reading through the list of phobias, and these are some which i thought to be funny or weird.

ablutophobia – fear of bathing
callophobia – fear of beauty
neophobia – fear of change
pantiphobia – fear of everything
xenophobia – fear of foreigners
polyphobia – fear of many things
musophobia – fear of mice
demophobia – fear of people
acoustophobia – fear of sound
lalophobia – fear of speaking
logophobia – fear of study
phronemophobia – fear of thinking
basophobia – fear of walking
plutophobia – fear of wealth
ergophobia – fear of work
cibophobia – fear of food
geliophobia – fear of laughter
venustrophobia – fear of beautiful women
Eisoptrophobia – fear of seeing oneself in mirror 😀
Somniphobia – fear of sleep

Last but not the least, the phobia of many bachelors

Phalacrophobia – fear of becoming bald