Short Story of a Blog post

Some random thought at some random place. The thought looks so great!!!! Somewhere from the convolutions the command comes, go blog it and archive it forever. The command is supported with a steady flow of ideas. Under those situations there is never a shortage of words. The continuity of thought amazes me. Seldom do i get so many ideas. The mind fills up the content in few minutes with the similes, oxymorons, metaphors etc etc. The post is ready. Waits in the mind searching for opportunity to upload into the wordpress servers. Alas!!! Thats when you are far away from the digital world. The mobile connectivity too decides to take a break. Anyway a decision is made, a blog about it will be made in future about it.

The second half, when actually the thoughts are getting converted to bits and bytes. Vaguely remember the title chosen initially.   Unfortunately, most of the time seems to be happen after midnight, after hours of browsing facebook(dont know for what), looking after a randon nonsense bug or a movie. The search for thoughts starts. The head was full of ideas when it first originated. Now it feels like a read from /dev/zero 😦 😦 Ok sleep on the keyboard for 10 minutes after typing the first paragraph. Wakeup and save it as draft.

Now, the conclusion. It is no longer an interesting post that was in the mind. Rather an unfinished job. And it does disturb a lot. So on a day when some bugs dont get fixed, need something to complete and feel satisfied. Logon, add a little more BS, complete it and publish. Voila!!! Atlast a post is made and here it is!!!

A short Break

An unintended short break from Blogging. Not that i am totally occupied with work. At the same time, i am not totally free too to think about something and blog about it. Is twitter a reason. Yes think so. If not for twitter, i might have tried posting about few social or personal happenings.

Anyway, the habit of blogging helped me a little last weekend. I was fighting with a bank, regarding Credit card fee blah blah blah. Had been sending them a series of mails and i was getting a number of junk replies. Was really pissed off with them. So wanted to send out a mail, containing all the information, the dates when i had called, when they had called me etc etc. If it was an actress birthday or movie release date, i might have remembered something. But dates of call, was something that i never paid attention to. Fortunately when i had received the call, i was in theater, about to watch “Unnai Pol Oruvan” and i had blogged about it. So visited my blog, got the info, mailed them with the exact date. I did see some positive response and action after that mail. Blog is in a way acting as a tool to immortalize the feelings and happenings. So I am determined to blog about significant, unsignificant, rubbish, repeated stuffs. My determintations and resolutions are volatile, lets see how this goes.

Using Weblogger mode in Emacs

Wow finally i was able to blog from emacs. First had thoughts ofwriting a python client using xmlrpc for posting in wordpress but thatwas all before i came to know about the weblogger mode. What has to be done to enable the weblogger mode in Emacs ? All you have to do is to download the weblogger.el and the xml-rpc.el to a directory of your choice and enable them. Once you downloadthe el files add the following lines to your .emacs file

(add-to-list ‘load-path “”)
(require ‘weblogger)

Now reload the configuration or restart emacs. Weblogger need xml-rpc and URL. If you have them  installed, Emacs would startup without any problems. Setup weblogger using the command, M-x weblogger-setup-weblog and enter the weburl, username and password. For wordpress the URL is http://yourblogaddress/xmlrpc.php

Now you are done, start blogging using M-x weblogger-start-entry.

There are still few loose ends to be tied up to make the webloggercomplete for my account. Still i am not able to specify the title and the category for the post. Hope to do that soon….

The 100th post

This post happens to be the 100th post in wordpress, considering the posts in blogger this is the 151st. Started blogging before three years on seeing my seniors who themselves were active blogger when they were in college. Soon a there was a small congregation of bloggers who still hold on to the habit. If you are curious to know who they are, peep into the links at the side of this blog. Soon blogging became a habit, and if the blog remained without any updates for a long time, it certainly looked like a pending job. The most encouraging thing is whatever junk is posted there is atleast someone to read the junk you have posted. Example could be the Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal post, it was overwhelming to see the replies for the post though the reason is the fame of the serial. After coming to office the rate of  blogging has decreased greatly. As bugs continue to bug the life, most of the time is spent in office and spending time on blogging has become difficult. Lot of things flash at times but posting in blog has become
difficult. But blogging has turned into a inveterate and think will not die just like that.