After four years

Woken up by the cold weather, I stared at my watch. 5.45am it was. joined my cousin standing near the door. the railway track cut through numerous buildings on both sides and the city looked peaceful. Was not sure how long I will have to stay in the city, but heart ran back to my home town, the only place I knew, the place where I had left all my friends the last night, the place where I head spent all my 21 years.

I had entered bangalore, the it hub of the nation. My life was no exception from the the usual indian life. Had dutifully studied till then, completed my bachelors, got job offer and I was all set to get settled. I had chosen hp over tcs among the two offers I had, and thats the reason I was here. All this happened 4 years before. While the ultra modern cosmopolitan city attracted on one side, a peaceful life looked like a remote possibility. Money was the master and also the least respected stuff. Brigade road, mg road, malls and multiplexes attracted for a while. Soon I found ways to lead my life, in the way I preferred.

More college friends joined, met a few more good people @ work. Life had returned back to normal. Few trips made it more interesting. Life in hp too was great. Nothing to complain except for the traffic, started liking the city. Few things remained unclear, like why gals who look so rich remained misers when it came to their dresses and roamed around the streets with very little clothes to cover them. Anyway not our concern, so life moved on. Juniors joined, few friends left for ms, few seniors got married, but I had got used to bangalore. The climate made me cling to the city. The city and the people continue to rock.

First job change after three years. moved out of hp where I was very comfortable. few good people around made life easier. No strong reason to move out except to explore the outside world. I moved. So I am here after four good years. I rarely talk about the present job. There are few things to be
happy about the current job. Few things proved that I am still a kindergarten in the school of life. Few troubled me. Whatever it is life continues and continues to amaze me.

If the post looked long and boring, blame BESCOM, for cutting power in the middle of the night, leaving me with no other option.

BMTC bus journey

Yet another incident happened yesterday as usual in BMTC. For me a lot happens in BMTC. Yesterday i gave the conductor 20 Rs and asked for three tickets. He gave the right change of 5 Rs. I was waiting for him to give the ticket, he saw us for a moment and decided against it. Just a glance was enough for him to confirm that we are not locals and he has an opportunity to earn 15 Rs. Anyway yesterday i was in a pugnacious mood, and did not want to leave the matter just like that. If i was alone i would not have done anything certainly. Since i had the company of two of my friends, we decided to give it a try. But he was prepared for it. When we went and asked for the ticket, using the only known local word “Ticket Kodi” 🙂 He just turned his face away and kept silent and did not even bother to see us.  Wondering how BMTC manages to run in profit. If we had known the local language, we could have tried a little more but even after one year, it is still difficult to pickup the local language 😦 and it is affecting a lot. Anyway i will get an opportunity to see the conductor again i guess, lets see whether i can do something that time.


The title denotes a ratio and it needs a bit of explanation about history of the incident and geography of the location for understanding the real intention of this post. Last sunday praveen and myself were at Indiranagar, filling our tummy with some Tamilnadu food in a tamilnadu hotel. A guy selling Jasmine, was roaming trying to sell some and earn his daily bread. Praveen gave a casual comment. The comment goes  like, who is going to buy jasmine in this city. From there it all started.  I spent the next ten minutes noting down how many girls or women decorate their hair with jasmine or some other flower. So now you might be  able to understand what that ratio means. Finding the intended specimens on a sunday evening in Indiranagar was not a problem.  Out of the 58 women i noticed only two had some sort of flower decorating their hair. And both of them had a little elderly look and from their appearance i could confirm both of them would have crossed 40. In the 56 some looked like north indians who might not have the habit at all. No idea whether it is common for women in karnataka to decorate their hair with flower. It could be  because of the serveral reasons, first the gals i noticed could be north indians, two the time might not be ideal for such a survey, three it was just a casual check done just for fun, fourth girls might be losing the habit altogether. But one thing is for sure, as praveen said the boy selling jasmine may not have a good business. Next time will try to notice a little more and come up with some more good data 😉

P.S. Don’t let your imagination run wild and waste time in researching about this topic.