How many times the same story is remade has little to make with the success of the movie. Billa falls into that category. Though this is the fourth version of the movie “Don” the director has made sure that the film is little different from the older version. The most important aspect of the film is the style of Ajith, i saw a different Ajith on the screen. Though i am not an Ajith fan, today got impressed with Ajith’s style. The director Vishuvardhan has made sure that only the positive aspects of Ajith go to the screen.

Once one of my friends told me the most negative aspect of Ajith is his eyes and the way he speaks his dialogues. You wont see any of these in that movie, bcoz his eyes are hidden behind a neat cooling glass for most of the movie and for a change Ajith speaks as little dialogues as possible. Prabhu impresses in the role he adorns but i have very little clue as to why the audience start laughing when he starts speaking serious dialogues. Nayanthara impresses in few scenes. Namitha as usual, no role in the movie except for an item number. The credit goes to vishnuvardhan for the rich set that is seen in almost all part of the movie. The background and costumes for the actors are well chosen and there could not be a better match.

The movie differs in almost all aspects with the previous version. The entire film is done in malaysia and not even in one scene they come to India. Though Rajini’s dance steps are not good his style over shadows that but Ajith’s dance was a disaster and it was visible fully in the screen.  Other than that it is a good movie worth watching. Great because of the richness that is visible through out the movie and you get an opportunity to see an entirely different Ajith after a long time.

ATM songs rock..

This is about the remixed songs in the tamil cinema. Almost all films recently released have one or two remixed songs. Malaikotai had one, the remix of “Ennama kannu” in “Thiruvillaiyadal Aarambam” was a hit. Latest in line is the songs from “Azhagiya Tamil magan” or ATM as it is called popularly. Azhagiya Tamilmagan contains the remix of the the famous song “Ponmagal Vanthaal”, if i am right the famous song of sivaji and K.R.Vijaya. In ARR hands the remix looks good. Except for few lines i was not able to understand or even guess other lines. Looks more like a english songs. As usual ARR stands apart from other Music directors and almost all of the songs in the film rocks.

Since i am running out of time, i am stoppign here. Check out of this link for hearing ATM songs

“Anantha Vikadan” to the rescue

Since i moved out of my home town to the place where i work, there is very little i hear about what is happening in my state. One thing i missed was the news about tamil movies. About three months before, most of the time was spent in college was spent on watching or atleast talking about the latest releases, actors, actresses etc.  But after coming here i was virtually cut off from the tamil cinema world.

It was at this point of time, “Anantha Vikadan” helped me. Though it was not available at all shops here, i was lucky to find a shop near my home. This was the first time i am spending time on tamil weeklies like this. “Anantha Vikadan” looks pretty good. They provide the latest news in tamil cinema like “Vidyabalan would be the heroine of Vijay’s next film Kuruvi”. One interesting article was about the life of “Che Guevera” the revolutionist. The short stories are also interesting, so are the little jokes. There are also pages that offer some insight into the current affairs of Tamilnadu politics. On the whole “Anantha Vikadan” is helping me in killing time and knowing something about what is happening in my state.

Weekend Movie Marathon

Could not have killed more effectively and uselessly than how we did last weekend. Watched five new tamil films continously burning the midnight oil and sacrificing a pleasant weekend sleep. As usual Praveen, Muthusivam and myself assembled at Subramani’s home on saturday. At around nine the show started with a reasonably good movie starring Sundar.C. Probably because of the reason that no one has seen a new movie for months, we continued with the next movie. This time it was one of the new released Ajith’s film. The film was not that good but expectations took us to the third movie and it started by around 3am.

The third film was “Thottal Poo malarum”. If we were in Tamilnadu, there is very little chance that we would have seen a movie like that. When the film ended it was nearly morning. Due to the unstoppable enthu of Musi and Mani, we sat for the fourth film. The fourth films was “Arya” starring Mathavan and Bavana. Totally disgusting it was still Muthusivam, Praveen and myself managed to see the full movie. It was at around 8.20 in the morning we felt like sleeping and slept for around three hours before we started the fifth and the final film.

The fifth film was “Pallikoodam” a movie that reminded us about the school life. Resembled a little like Autograph, but has fallen short in some aspects. Still it is a movie worth watching. With that ended the “Weekend movie Marathon”.

Later in the morning we realised we were not the only people to stay awake all night for the sound has kept Subramani’s neighbors from sleeping too 🙂 . Poor fellows, atleast they should have joined us for the film 🙂 . Anyway one more night like this is a bit far, since it would surely take a little time for the wrath of neighbours to subside 🙂


That is the most famous dialogue from the latest superhit Shivaji that is breaking records. The film saw three great men joining hands Superstar, shivaji and ARR. But after seeing the film realised that it is purely a Rajnikanth’s film. When there is much logic in Shankar’s previous film, searching for logistics in shivaji will not give good results. Wait this is just one view of the movie. For a hard core Rajni fan, the movie is a great treat as it is filled with his style. The style that has given Rajni all this fame makes the film more interesting.

Though Rajni dominates the entire movie, there are some places where u feel the presence of Shankar and ARR. ARR has done a really beautiful job with the background music. In songs u will find the touch of our Shankar.  As usual he continues to spend a lot of money in the songs. It would be unfair to end this without commenting about Shriya. Shriya has gained a lot of popularity from the movie. She has ample to show and has used every opportunity to show it all. Dont forget it is the talent i am talking about now.

Overall the movie reminds about Rajni’s movies of late eighties. Though the movie is long and runs for 3.15 hours time flies by.  Rajni looks a lot younger and i got a feeling like he can act for another thirty years with this sort of makeup. Since it is getting late i stop here. To end shivaji is a great movie. No wonder it is breaking records.

Great Expectations…

Just two days more before Rajnikanth film “Shivaji” will hit the screens. Already there is a lot of hype about the movie and any small news about the movie is invited with a lot of enthusiasm by the fans.In his last film Chandramukhi Rajnikanth became the highest paid actor in Asia surpassing jackie chan. This time shivaji is getting released in around 5000 theaters around the world and the count is larger than that of casino royale and heard that it is world record.  There was a huge welcome for even the trailer. The trailer looked pretty good. Rajnikanth looked a lot younger with new hair style. From the trailer it was clear that the film will be full of superstar’s style and punch dialogues. A.R. Rahman’s music is already a hit. “Shivaji” might be a great hit for Rajnikanth, as the craze for him has not died a bit. Anyway in two days the result would be known and i am waiting for my opportunity to see the movie.

Unnale Unnale

A post about a tamil movie after a long time. Unnale Unnale happens to be the fourth movie i have seen in theatre this year after Guru, PKMS and Mozhi. The film had a lot of expectations bcoz of the super hit songs and director Jeeva’s fame. Should say the film lived up to its expectations. Like his previous film Ullam Ketkume this film also targets the youth. The story is all about love and how possessiveness of gals affects love.

The hero vinay is a fun loving freak who loves to enjoy every moment in life. Opposite to his character is the heroine sada is a lot possessive and wants his lover to do what she wants.  Unfortunately both of them happen to be lovers and their characters sparks a lot of fight between them. Actually the story starts with the split up between sada and vinay. Then you have a little flash back about what happened between sada and vinay. What happens between vinay, sada and tanisha forms the rest of the story.

Not much in the story but Jeeva handles it story  meticulously. Dialogues being simple and straight is a major plus oint in the movie. You could see traces of madhavan in some of vinay’s actions and smile. In fact vinay looks a bit like young madhavan. Sada and Tanisha do their job perfectly. Picturisation of songs too good. Overall it a great movie but half of the lot have other opinions about the movie. Some said the movie is only for lovers but it was interesting to guys like me also.


Not much to comment. Guru turned out to be a great movie where brilliance of both Maniratnam and Abishek reached the pinnacle. we went there for the night show of the first day with the sponsor being senior senthilkumaran. Maniratnam’s fame had brought in a large crowd and we were able to get the ticket as we went there before one hour. Guru lived up to our hopes. The story takes you back by around 40 years and is about the ordeals of a businessman with great dreams. Though songs come with the best blend of ARR and Vairamuthu not all songs please our ears. A tamil movie with the same story and tamil hero and heroine would be a sure hit. Overall the movie is a little fast paced and looks like a competitor for the top slots.

Thiruvilaiyadal : Comedy galore

Thiruvilaiyadal manages to keep the crowd roaring with laughter from the begining to the end. A great movie that comes with overdoze of humour. Thiruvilaiyadal rightly named potrays the game played by Dhanush with Prakash Raj. The story is the long existing story of a low class youth falling in love with the heroine. As usual it is love at the first sight. Dhanush falls in love with Shriya at the first sight. Shriya’s brother Prakash Raj is the villain who tries to get rid of Dhanush from his sister. He fixes a price for Dhanush’s love. Dhanush accepts the money, and how he uses the money and how he manages to get shriya form the rest of the story. Though the story is something that u see in most of the tamil movies, the way in which the story is handled in Thiru… is amazing. Dialogues are a major plus point. Dhanush performance masks every other thing. Some songs may capture attention. On the whole Thiru… is one of the great movie iatched after a long time.

Varalaaru | Godfather: A comeback for Ajith

Varalaaru the latest box office hit in Tamilnadu may turn out to be a great comeback for Ajith. The movie is fast paced and does not disappoint anyone. I saw the film after AI exam where there was not much scope to display my own intelligence. We reached the theatre by around 2:30pm in the middle of the introduction song and were forced to sit on the fifth row. Looked to me like the theatre guys wanted to spread equality as there was not any distinction between the different tickets.

The movie sticks on firmly to the story and there was rarely a deviation from the main story line. There is not much heroism and not many unnecessary punch dialogues.  Ajith seems to have done a lot of hard work and his acting is the most impressive feature of the movie. Ajith easily scores as the father and the psychic son. Asin looks pretty, comes then and there when we are about to forget that she is the heroine, dances in songs and leaves. Kanika(Enga school ponnu) has a bit more scope compared to Asin and has used the opportunity well. Other than that it is Ajith who rules. Looks like Ajith has regained his lost glory. No need to mention ARR as the songs were a hit even before one year. Three hours flies by, thanks to the fast  paced and crisp narration by KSR.

Coming to the negatives, logics give way to actions in a number of situations. The story reminds you about some old films like theivamagan. The climax looks like something that u see in many of the tamil films. Apart from these the movie is great and is a huge entertainer. Would have enjoyed it to a greater extent if it was not for the fifth row seat.