Morons with power

“As an individual you can do something to the society, as a politician you can do anything”. This was a comment made by one of my juniors in the group discussion session during Placement training. It happens to be 100% true. Past two days in Madurai has been a little tensed due the violence that started because of a stupid poll. The tamil daily dinakaran started a poll to find who will be karunanidhi’s political heir. Dinakaran has being doing useless job like this for a long time. 70% voted for stalin it seems and only 2% for CM’s elder son Azhagiri. This sparked a lot of violence and funny fact is that it was
headed by mayor of madurai. Finally the violence became uncontrollable, as police did not take any steps to control it and ended with the death of three Dinakaran employees.

What followed this incident is something unacceptable. Police made fake arrests still leaving the one who is reponsible. Cable TV operators were afraid of transmitting, as it would spread news. People never seemed to mind what is happening and were thankful that they were spared. This makes my conclusion valid. My conclusion is that politicians = fools with power, police = mindless morons, TN people = 100% ignorant. Politics will continue to remain as a garbage as long as educated stay away from it.

Totally disgusting…

This is something about indian politics or to be specific tamil nadu politics. Supreme court announced its decision to stay the 27% reservation in IITs and IIMs few days back. This post is not about the decision. One could talk about whether quota is needed or not for days. Actually i have done that many times usually with my friends who have different opinion about the issue. My personal opinion is that quotas are barrier to the development of the country. This post is about what happened after that.

Once the decision was announced, the tamilnadu government announced a one day strike on the pretext of reflecting the view of the people. It looks more like an individual decision than that of people. It was a decision taken hastily by the politicians just to maintain their status.  They could take the credit for disturbing almost everyone in the state. When it comes to disturbing people, the parties forget the differences and work together. Like when the government decided to cancel the Common Entrance Test, the only exam that tested 0.0001% of the intelligence in students all the political parties joined together and abolished it. When something good is proposed they find various flaws and put the plan to sleep. Everything works according the wish of the politicians and they work for the votes and not for the people. Democracy has taken a new meaning. Democracy is by the politicians, for the politicians and of the politicians.