Alive, in memories

ImageHad sneaked this Indian Mongrel 14 years back into our home where we had strict “No Pets” policy. All policies were broken in few days as he carved a niche for himself in the house. Was supposed to be a guard dog, but ended up being treated like a kid. Adapted well in the house and became a member of the family. Playful as a kid, dominating and attacking during his prime time, and very matured towards the end. Too many pleasant memories to pen down. Anyway he left his last breath on October 30, at a time when nobody was there at home. Had shown signs of sickness that morning, and died before afternoon.It does feel difficult to recover from the loss, but they say time is powerful. Life moves on. The sweet memories will linger for lifetime.


Personally, in my life, August is the month of fall πŸ™‚ August is when i got my bike. After an year fell down for the first time, on August 4th, when my bike skidded off a muddy road. Escaped with a few scratches that time. This year, i was not all that lucky on August 21 πŸ™‚

A confused guy on the bike, decided to take a hard left from middle of the road.No indicators, no signals and no botheration about the traffic behind. Unfortunately, i was closely following him with a decent speed. Too close for even disk brakes to be of any use. Brakes, crash and i was on the road. Fortunate there were no other cars behind, unfortunate that i landed on my left knee, taking the full impact on it. I had followed all the traffic rules, except for the most basic one, expect idiots on Indian roads. Expecting people to adhere to traffic rules is a luxury that is not to be expected on Indian roads. I do see a lot of super geniuses daily who feel that the red signal is for the weak and stupid, and choose to ignore it.

Anyway the guy was little considerate, stopped and asked sorry repeatedly and asked whether i need a drop to home. I was feeling ok that time, so i picked up my bike and started home without help. The bike also didn’t suffer any major damage except for a scratch on the body guard. Later realized, he had given me all the burden of his mistake with the apology.Β  What started as a small pain in the knee, became a huge swelling. The trouble started with a night without sleep and in pain. Next day, went to the hospital and the x-ray revealed fracture in the knee cap. The only fix was screws and bolts and threads to fix them up. Sad part, I will have to spend considerable time in hospital, after so many years.

The operation happened a day after and the knee cap, patella was put on place using screws. It was fun to see how doctors and helpers prepare for an operation. They were relaxed, discussing about their vacation leaves, cracking jokes, just like how I start fixing a bug in the code. The guy being operated on was usually referred by the bone he has broken. So my name inside was patella πŸ™‚ Learned that they do around ten to twelve operations daily most of which are result of bike accidents and quite serious.

The post operation effects were a matter of concern. But when you are in pain, all you have to do is look around. I was surrounded by people with even more serious injuries in the post operation care unit. To name a few, people with broken rib cage, broken hip, crushed leg bones, hips replaced etc etc.  The guy with crushed rib cage was not able to swallow a tablet. The most horrible one was a twelve year old kid with amputated leg  after a bike injury 😦 Half of them can be averted if people start paying a little respect to traffic rules, change lanes with little sense and try driving a little predictably.

Slowly recovering from the injury and the operation. It is going to take a few more weeks to get back to normal. Life moves on, may it is just a reminderΒ  that you can be shaken and broken in less than seconds πŸ™‚



Woke up in the morning, and looked around, and thought for a while how can it look like this now. It took a second to realize and remember. Got down from my unicorn, was about to remove my helmet when something stopped me for a second. Realization. Same happens multiple times, when the hand scratches the space between the eyes. Habit, that i had got used to in the past 12-13 years of wearing spectacles.

There is a short story as to why i went for eye checkup before 12 years. Confessions have to be crisp and unclear. If you have any doubts, keep it with yourself, as i wont answer any of them. Anyway, when i was in 7th or 8th, we had a maths teacher, who teaches with great interest and care. And obviously she was strict. Silent whispers, gossips during the class were treated with heavy punishments. It was internal test that day, and i had not prepared well, sitting in the last desk was asking my friend something. Since the rest of the class was in full silence, i was caught. True to the name of friendship, my friend gave all the credit of the mischief to me. End result was i got around 12 out of 25. I Now that was enough to get my mom mood out when she returns from work and for an hour discussion at home. I was thinking about a reason, could not think much, just told the i wrote the question wrong since i could not see it clearly.The discussion ended and the life with the spectacles began.Soon i was adorned with a big, round spectacles. First it was weird, then it became part of life, soon it was the third and fourth eye. Have slept with specs on, not intentionally for dreams, but unintentionally which would leave me with bent specs. Never felt bad for wearing specs, or without specs also it was equally horrible, fortunately/unfortunately πŸ˜‰

Anyway, thought about the option of lasik once i came out of college. When my parents brought it up, i was against it, as i didn’t want to play with eyes. After watching few friends in safe state after years of surgery, decided to go with it. So before one month, did it, and gave rest to my spectacles. Very few friends bought the above reason. Can blame them, at 26 purchase of a pair of kerchief will also be considered as preparation for marriage. May be parents had it in back of mind, to me it was a good opportunity to get rid of the specs.


After four years

Woken up by the cold weather, I stared at my watch. 5.45am it was. joined my cousin standing near the door. the railway track cut through numerous buildings on both sides and the city looked peaceful. Was not sure how long I will have to stay in the city, but heart ran back to my home town, the only place I knew, the place where I had left all my friends the last night, the place where I head spent all my 21 years.

I had entered bangalore, the it hub of the nation. My life was no exception from the the usual indian life. Had dutifully studied till then, completed my bachelors, got job offer and I was all set to get settled. I had chosen hp over tcs among the two offers I had, and thats the reason I was here. All this happened 4 years before. While the ultra modern cosmopolitan city attracted on one side, a peaceful life looked like a remote possibility. Money was the master and also the least respected stuff. Brigade road, mg road, malls and multiplexes attracted for a while. Soon I found ways to lead my life, in the way I preferred.

More college friends joined, met a few more good people @ work. Life had returned back to normal. Few trips made it more interesting. Life in hp too was great. Nothing to complain except for the traffic, started liking the city. Few things remained unclear, like why gals who look so rich remained misers when it came to their dresses and roamed around the streets with very little clothes to cover them. Anyway not our concern, so life moved on. Juniors joined, few friends left for ms, few seniors got married, but I had got used to bangalore. The climate made me cling to the city. The city and the people continue to rock.

First job change after three years. moved out of hp where I was very comfortable. few good people around made life easier. No strong reason to move out except to explore the outside world. I moved. So I am here after four good years. I rarely talk about the present job. There are few things to be
happy about the current job. Few things proved that I am still a kindergarten in the school of life. Few troubled me. Whatever it is life continues and continues to amaze me.

If the post looked long and boring, blame BESCOM, for cutting power in the middle of the night, leaving me with no other option.

Mullayanagiri Trek

After two year, around the same time, we were there again with the same goal, to complete the Mullayanagiri – Bababudangiri – Kemmangundi trek. Started the planning with 6 people and the count suddenly soar to 17 in the middle with Eric anna and his old HCL team pitching in, finally we were 15. Tickets booked, tents arranged from BMC, foods stuffed in backpacks we were ready on friday night. Weather report said, 30% chance of storm on friday, saturday and Sunday, we decided to try our luck on the remaining 70% –Β  optimism πŸ™‚ Few stuffs like Western ghats, south west monsoon, windward side, lee ward side which i had learnt in geography lingered in my mind for a while, but the trip was on.

Reached chickmagalur @ 4.45AM, checked into a small hotel (selection lodge), paid 850 for two rooms and we were ready for the trek at around 7.30AM. Booked a jeep for 700Rs to drop us @ Sarpadhari, the starting point of the trek. Additional Info: there is also private bus available next to chickmagalur bus stand, and it starts at 8.00AM.

Start of the trek: After around an hour journey reached Sarpadhari and around 8.30AM. As we had expected, he was waiting for us. The moment we stepped out of the jeep, it rained πŸ™‚ Undetterred we started the Mullayanagiri ascent from Sarpadhari (sarpa – snake, dhari – path). The rain was brief but enough to make the path slippery. The ascent turned out to be pretty tough and drained a lot of energy. Remember the sleeping bags, tents and food items which added to the weight. Thanks to the rain, We were soon engulfed in mist. Beautiful green grass, misty white backgroun, cool breeze and soft drizzle. What else do you need. It was fantastic. Better felt, than explained.

Anyway the trek to the Mullayanagiri peak sucked a lot of time. Fortunate we didn’t have leeches to suck blood too. Atleast we didn’t care about them. At around 11.45 to 12.00AM we reached the peak. Explored the two caves a bit, recharged with a bit of snacks and started the next part. The walk to BSNL tower.

The Confusion: From mullayanagir, finding the path that would lead to BB Hills became a tough task. Tried my phone GPS, explored a few paths it didn’t help. Map reader, Sai tried with his compass and map, but we were stuck for a while. Discussions started, should we continue was the question ? It just reminded me about the last trip to Kemmangundi, where we climbed a peak, and when the discussion started and the trek was aborted. Thanks to Mani(HCL), he found a path and started exploring. I ran behind him. We explored for a while, and walked a few KMs and found there does exist a neat and clean path. Met a few BMC guys, who were stuck too. Told them about the path and came back to our gang. And the trek started again.

The Trek Continues: So we started the trek again at around 12.55PM. We started walking towards Attigundi. The path was neat and clean, and the trek was not at all difficult, when compared to the Mullayanagiri ascent from Sarpadhari. Enchanting views through out the path. The path continued to play hide and seek with the help of mist, but it was not tough to stay on the path. Around 1.30PM we were reminded about the Sun, and that gave us the opportunity to see the beautiful ridge in the front. The ridge is the next part to be covered to reach BB Hills. After around 30 minutes we reached the police checkpost, ending the first part of trek and the ridge in the front to be covered after lunch. Time was around 2.20PM

The Interruption: We were having lunch, when a forest officer met us with a smile. We had met him at Mullayanagiri peak, where he had given us some suggestions. Interacting we came to know that, we still have around 4hrs to cover (if we walked fast). And if it rains we would be stranded in the ridge, where we cannot camp too. So he suggested going to BB hills and camping there or booking a room there. With that he left, and rain arrived. So we decided to try our luck at BB hills. With the help of few forest gaurds, booked a jeep to BB hills. The forest gaurds were very very helpful. The jeep journey was fun, as i got an opportunity to travel, standing on the jeep steps and hanging to the back of the jeep. A wise decision, as the torrential rain would have wrecked havoc, if we had continued with the trek.

End of Trek: When we reached BB Hills, it was raining cats and dogs. The option of camping out, was ruled out. After some heavy lunch at a local hotel, looked for a room. Rooms were horrible. So decided to get back to chickmagalur to decide. Going back to Kemmangundi again next day, didn’t sound like a good option, so booked KSRTC tickets to bangalore. It was at chickmagalur i discovered a leech has managed to suck good amount of my blood. Can only wonder at the way they manage to suck blood without pain.

Though the trek ended, it was satisfactory when compared to the previous one. But still the place continues to amaze me. Should plan for the next trek to this place soon after the monsoon ends.

Photos @Β

Its over

Its over, after four good months.. started eating non veg again with my moms special, fish curry. nobody to blame and no reason to contemplate. Just that its over.

But I did like this four months. It was great. The first month was tough. Chicken and fish danced in front of me and I did find it difficult to keep my hands off them. Adding to these were few treats in barbecue nation and malgudi, my favorite hunting grounds. I stayed on. After that it was a cake walk. Staying veg was not difficult. The difficult part was answering the world. What, why, when etc etc.

So why did I end it ? Well I am not going to answer that. Just that, its over. I will start it again, but don’t expect any announcements πŸ™‚

Looks like will need illaiyaraja’s help to sleep tonight. Will have to try from now on. Bye.

A Vacation Well Spent

It was a near shutdown, thanks to the diwali, rajyotsava day, company leave policy and the kind Manager. 9 days to be spent @ home town, diwali, sweets, sister’s visit, it was exciting to even think about. It also gave an opportunity to visit College and upgrade the servers. More than that to meet my Senior and Junior friends.

Day 1 (rather Night 1): Reached home on Saturday, finished off few work (including eating fish curry) managed to reach College by around 4 PM. It was Thevar Jeyanthi that day and journey through Madurai roads was thrilling. The followers of the leader we indulging in all sort of activiites, exactly opposite to what the leader might have wanted them to do. Joe, Balamurugan, LGP, GRK, Varadharajan and Gautam were already working. Met all the staffs from Unix Lab. It took a little time to recollect what we had done during our college days and what has happened after we left. Started with upgrading the TCENet server. It soon extended into Night and after a long long time, it was going to be a night lab in College. Had dinner at Aarthi, and i could see Aarthi has put up a brave struggle against change, with the only change being the cost of items. Worked till 5.00 AM, went home and crashed into bed.

Day 2: Woke up late, had lunch and started to college in Car. First time tried driving alone in Madurai City, where the only traffic rule applicable is to forget all the traffic rules. And it rained heavily once i started, visibility was reduced to less than 10 metres. Still i progressed, tried hitting two gals in TVSScooty. Their good luck they escaped. Rain stopped and i reached college without any further adventures. Was a bit delayed due to issues with AC. Yep the server room still has few issues with AC and UPS πŸ™‚ Started working upgrading the server and trying to configure Samba. Dinner was parotta, kothu parotta and dosai from TPK. Had a chat with Gautam, an enthusiastict second year guy.In the middle of the night, Samba configuration got over but it was not working as expected 😦 😦 Windows machine were not able to login. Problem persisted through out the Night.

Day 3: Could not go home, had a quick rest for a hour in guest house and started the day exploring Samba. First it seemed to suggest issues with versions. Tried changing the configuration, didn’t work. BitBala, LGP tried from their end, issue was not resolved. It was sometime in the evening, still the issue persisted. Anyway whatever it is, we have the solution with us. Yes, at last Joe pitched in after completing his work. Few minutes issue was resolved. Problem was with NSCD. Stopped “NSCD” everything worked fine. Bala, LGP, Varatharajan had completed work from their end. So putting an end to all that, started the thrilling night ride to home along with the friends.

Day 3 being Monday, gave opportunity to meet other staffs. Met the staff who had handled System Software, Compiler design etc. Surprised that she still remembered me, my name and friends name too. Was eager to see the staff who handled C/S technologis and was extremely happy that i could meet her, though she could remember the face, she has forgotten the name. I was quite amazed that even after three years, how staffs remember us. Had a quick chat with OOAD Mam, and could only wish Softwre Engg Mam. Anyway the staff who had talked to me during FStival, as though he recognized me, failed to recognize this time after two weeks as expected πŸ™‚ I would consider this as the default behavior but the other staffs were amazing. Also, TCS had visited the campus that day, once again made me nostalgic and took me back by three years.

Anyway All ended well in college, reached home and crashed in bed for a looong sleep.

Rest of Vacation: Next two days were successfully destructed by “Diablo: Lord of Destruction”. Then Sister arrived with her family. Diwali followed, and since my little neice was around, it was interesting. Decided to celebrate the Diwali without seeing Actor/Actress interviews and succeeded. Soon it was time to leave, and reached here traveling for the first time in car from Madurai to Bangalore, since i had joined my Brother who was coming car. And it was more thriling with people violating the rules in highway as they wish.

Nine days vacation vanished, and now i am back to my working place. I was happy with the way the vacation went, since i managed to few things apart from staying in front of the computer and TV.

Murphy’s Law at work

When things had to go wrong, they go wrong in all possible ways. It was a about a week back, when i was preparing as usual for the weekend trip home. Had tickets booked in Tatkal, and it was in WL 17. Packed everything and went to office as usual. The plan was if the ticket doesn’t move, cancel the plan and get back home for a peaceful and lazy weekend.

When i reached office, got a call from a friend, checking whether i could get his return journey ticket booked by an agent and get that to native. Hoping that the tickets would move, i accepted. So that meant, whatever it is i will have to go home.

Was waiting for the tickets to move, checking the PNR status in web every now and then. Train was at 9.00PM, so expected the chart to be prepared by 5.00PM. Time tickled, 5.00, 5.30, 6.30, 7.00PM. Chart was not prepared. That was unusual, but it happened. Finally at 7.15PM, the chart was prepared, but my ticket status was at WL 12. Once again unusual, for a tatkal ticket to move just 5 seats 😦 So had to choose the last option, travel by BUS, go to hosur, salem and then to Madurai.

With that in mind, myself, Nirmal and his Brother started at around 7.45PM. It was fine when we started, but once we reached the bus stop to board the bus to bus stand, heavens opened up and to make matters worse we just had one umbrella. Before we got a bus, we were drenched. Finally we reached the bus stop to board bus to Hosur or Salem. And we met a huge crowd, who were waiting just like us. Rain had not stopped. There was enough crowd to fill three or four buses. We got one Hosur bus, and soon it became packed with space just to breath. The rain had reduced, and during the journey to Hosur, it had stopped. So felt relieved.

Reached Hosur around 10.30 i guess, and once again Rain was there to give us company and also the huge crowd, just like us waiting for Salem bus. The cool breeze made us shiver. No Salem bus was in sight and if there were it was fully crowded. When we were contemplating whether to return back to bangalore, we sighted a KSRTC bus to Kodaikanal. There were three sites available fortunately, but those were the seats behind the driver seat unfortunately. Still we boarded, and the ticket cost was 600, a bit more than 3 Tier AC ticket in train. And it goes only till Dindigul. Thanks to the superb road between Bangalore and Madurai, the journey was a little dreadful. Anyway all plans and positions to sleep ended in failure. At the end, reached Dindigul and boarded i reached home by morning 8.00 after 13 hours of arduous journey.

Though the journey was tiring and irritating, it felt fine to be at home. Wont be trying something like this again in the near future atleast i guess.

A short Break

An unintended short break from Blogging. Not that i am totally occupied with work. At the same time, i am not totally free too to think about something and blog about it. Is twitter a reason. Yes think so. If not for twitter, i might have tried posting about few social or personal happenings.

Anyway, the habit of blogging helped me a little last weekend. I was fighting with a bank, regarding Credit card fee blah blah blah. Had been sending them a series of mails and i was getting a number of junk replies. Was really pissed off with them. So wanted to send out a mail, containing all the information, the dates when i had called, when they had called me etc etc. If it was an actress birthday or movie release date, i might have remembered something. But dates of call, was something that i never paid attention to. Fortunately when i had received the call, i was in theater, about to watch “Unnai Pol Oruvan” and i had blogged about it. So visited my blog, got the info, mailed them with the exact date. I did see some positive response and action after that mail. Blog is in a way acting as a tool to immortalize the feelings and happenings. So I am determined to blog about significant, unsignificant, rubbish, repeated stuffs. My determintations and resolutions are volatile, lets see how this goes.

The Munnar Trip

Since most of my school friends will be joining college for further studies next month, we thought of going for a trip before that. Initial plan was to go for an IPL match, but soon it was ruled out once IPL was moved to South Africa and we decided upon Munnar. The trip turned out to be nice and enjoyable though we did not plan well enough.

Started on thursday evening to Cochin in KSRTC special bus. The speciality of the bus is it will start late, bus will be bit older than normal buses and we will have to rely on just one driver who will have to drive for the next 14 hours without sleeping. Anyway reached Cochin safely at 12.00 and went to Vinod’s home. He had changed a bit and was talking like Major Sundarrajan, who has acted in old tamil movies. To lend more clarity, Major Sundarrajan says a dialogue in english, and repeats the same in Tamil. He was behaving in a similar way πŸ™‚ cant blame him, with nobody to talk in Tamil at cochin the change is expected. Anyway we started to Munnar in another KSRTC where K stands for Kerala and not Karnataka. Kerala buses resemble the buses shown in 1960 tamil movies. They definitely have a large scope of improvement. But driver’s expertise in driving the bus through the hilly terrain was impressive and we reached Munnar correctly at 7.30 PM.

Once we stepped into munnar, we were sure that we are not going to get any room. Looked like tourists have invaded Munnar trying to evade the summer heat. We tried hunting for rooms but could not get anything, finally with the help of an auto driver Subramani, booked a room which i can safely call as bit expensive. We retired to sleep on that night with plans of going for sight seeing the next day.

Next day (saturday) we started towards the Mattupetty direction stopping at places wherever there was a scenic view. Soon we discovered that the entire path is going to be liked that, with Tea estates covering the entire hills and provided a pleasant in every direction. Few places of interest in that direction are Mattupetty dam, Kundale dam, Top station.

Next day (Sunday) since we had to return back to Cochin to catch the bus back to our city at 7.40, visited just the Leckam waterfalls and came back. We had stayed away from the scorching heat for two days, and Cochin heat was untolerable. The return journey was also in the same special bus, with the same driver who once again managed to bring us back to the city safely. If we had gone to Munnar directly skipping cochin, we could have got more time to spend in Munnar. Munnar will need atleast three days to rest and enjoy the weather. Also book for rooms in advance to avoid troubles at the end.

The post was more about my personal experience, check my friend’s post for more details here.

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