Cine Time

There are times, when you may be sitting peacefully at home and relaxing, and some weird plans pull you out, slowly and steadily into disaster. Dont step into wild imaginations, i am talking about  usually ending up watching a totally crap movie. Around two years back, we woke up on a sunday morning, skipped breakfast and rushed to a theater to see a movie. When we reached the theater, learnt that they timings are changed and they were running a different movie. At the end we watched Sura, which was running in a different theater in the same area. Sura was a movie which i had decided not to watch it at all. Tamil people will understand the feelings better 🙂

Today was one such day. Myself & Subramani were sitting in my home with absolutely no plans for the night, other than dinner and peaceful sleep. Sudden plans, quick actions, 14KM travel and we were at Balaji theater for the night show of the movie, “Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai”. I heard about the movie just an hour back and wondered whether that was a right decision. Director of the movie helped a lot in arriving at a conclusion very early. It was a disaster. We had spent 100Rs, around 4 hrs of the time, a good dinner and the probability of getting a headache was terribly high. Tried watching, with the hope that i would find something good somewhere. Should admit my defeat,  the director was very skillful in hiding the good things. Somehow didn’t like the heroine too 😦 So qualifies to be called a perfect disaster. Had decided not to post movie reviews in blog, but realized there could be exceptions. What was more disturbing was, trying to justify murders that the hero commits in the name of love. Abusing the mysterious word called Love, it is only in this part, the movie is like other tamil movies.

Anyway for the records, i have seen around 10 tamil movies released this year in theater so far. Impressive, considering the number of times i used to visit theater during my school and college days 🙂


Watched this mass masala movie from Hari, last weekend. Accompanied by Sai, Nari and Jeyahari, Singam was Sunday’s assignment. First time, i went to the theatre near my home, Pushpanjali. Pushpanjali folks used the time, applied the strategy, closed the counters and sold the tickets at 40 Rs more than the original amount, at Rs. 100. Irritating strategy when you are at the receiving end.

Anyway the movie started, trying to show Prakash Raj as a ruthless villain. Followed by hero’s introduction fight, punch dialogues, potrayal of his abilities, the love and respect village people have in him, heroine introduction love @ first sight, heroine’s attempt to grab hero’s attention, the usual masala that we have seen till the first half. Though we are tired of it, the screenplay was a bit ok, which made it interesting. In between, Villain meets hero, hero trying to stay truthful to his job, gets trouble. What follows interval is a fast paced action bound cat and mouse game between hero and villain. Vivek comes in between, as usual tries few double meaning dialogues and goes away neither making an impression nor creating irritation.

Anushka, gets a little more than what usually heroines get in tamil movies, in the sense, she does get some opportunity to speak, act, try some comedies apart from songs, where of course there is enough opportunity to be a glam doll. Songs were not upto the mark, as DSP has once again, has remixed parts of his own old songs, which gives a feeling that we have heard the song already. Should appreciate DSP’s observation that tamil people don’t pay attention to hindi songs, but trying to use infamous ARR’s celebrated “Paathsalaa” music from “Rang de basanti” as BGM for a fight sequence is idiotic.

Though it is the same masala, same story, several lines of punch dialogues at several places and useless songs, the fast screenplay makes the movie worth watching once.

Murphy’s Law at work #2

There are a few things which you have planned not to do but end up doing the same, due to fate or false decisions. Something like that happened last week 😦

Last week, we had planned to see Irumbu kotai murattu singam. Had planned for the morning show. My friend did confirm that there are three shows, morning, matinee and evening. Night show was a different movie, he claimed.  So we went for the morning show.  Woke up early on a sunday morning, took bath and with a moderate breakfast (which used to be heavy on sundays) we went for the morning show. Everything went fine till we reached there. There was very little activity in the theater. Not much crowd. Finally we learnt that morning show is a different movie 😦

All the pain taken to see the movie went in vain, still we didn’t want to give up. Unfortunately, Sura was running in the nearby theater. After series of discussions, ended up seeing Sura 😥

When Sura got released, i decided not to see the movie in theater or even by downloading from somewhere in the internet.But last week, ended up seeing the movie 😥 Sura lived up to the expectations, it was totally bad.

Sura broke the lovely break i had given to Vijay and Ajith movies, which do not have anything other than useless herioc dialogues and sentiments and wrong masala at the wrong place.

VTV – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

VTV is the third Gautam movie which i had seen in the first week. This time i saw the movie in Madurai, the renovated Jazz. To be true the theater was pretty decent and they had really turned on the air conditioner unlike few theaters where it is just printed on the ticket.

Coming to the movie, it is pretty decent effort from Gautam’s side and exactly has his touch of handling romantic scenes. As Gautam mentioned in his talks, it is the same old love story, told differently. It was a bit fresh and practical when compared to other love stories. The romantic dialogues were pretty impressive and as usual, it was more in English and Malayalam than in Tamil. Funny part, he does mention about it in the movie. So seems to be stricly for A centers. The location, the screenplay and the picturisation were great.

Simbhu should have struggled to act without punch dialogues, unnecessary fights and finger circus. So naturally it was a better performance and the role suited him too. Trisha as malayali girl was too beautiful and cute. Background voice of chinmayi too suited her nature as a calm and confused girl. Thanks to all those who had helped Trisha in looking beautiful 🙂 Costume selection was also good. Also, for a change Trisha’s face showed a lot of reactions, which was amazing. Rarely does the audience get to see Trisha acting and she has done a marvellous job in the movie.

Songs were already a hit, and i need not mention about ARR’s BGM. It did rock. Songs were great to watch. Though it is the same old love story, which Tamil cinema had repeatedly tred along few decades, the way in which it is told makes it interesting.

So what is the story ? I am not telling you anything, better know it when you see in theater. Thats the best way to enjoy the movie. Only thing, watch out for some twist at the end.

Commendable work from Gautam, would recommend seeing it once.

Nothing But Repetition

This is just a pure repetition of what was flashed in news and already posted by numerous people all around the world and from India. Yep, as you might have guessed correctly, it is about the Oscars. Nothing much, wanted to remember this day, as ARR fan. He deserves it, no wonder he has achieved it, hope he continues it. This was the moment the whole country was waiting for. Finally he has fulfilled the Indian Dream. Hope he does a lot more and brings more laurels to the country.

Naan Kadavul

Naan Kadavul, the much waited Bala’s movie created a lot of news even before it was released and continues to do the same, three days after it got released. I did go through the reviews, and everybody seems to be enthralled by the movie. I belong to the small group which seems to have a different opinion, AFAIK.

So is the movie so bad ? No, not at all. But it failed to impress me for reasons i am not sure. Probably since cruelty and brutality was a little more than my tolerance level. Before going to the movie, i heard that the movie is all about Aghori Sadhus. I had even read the wiki about them (Preparations for the movie :)) but it turned out to be a film about the beggars and the pitiable life they lead. Bala has handpicked each and every character and has sketched athe role with full perfection and i failed to find a flaw. He also deserves an applause  for tuning Pooja and make her look exactly like that of a blind gypsy. It took minutes to realize that the girl singing in train is actually Pooja. Pooja, is exceptionally remarkable in her performance and can hope for an award.

I know i haven’t said anything about Arya. Blame Bala for that. Arya’s role is very minimal except for walking at a rapid pace like a sadhu, uttering few slokhas and two fight sequence at the end. Though Arya shines in the Aghori sadhu role, he does not get much opportunity. Wondering why it required three years during which Arya did not act in any other movie.

A lot of work has gone behind each and every scene. Bala has sculptured it a lot carefully. There are many situational comedies through out the movie but it gets overshadowed by the acts of the merciless villain. I don’t know his name but he has done a commendable job. Though it is a wonderful depiction of the cruelty mended to the poor, think it has bit too much for me, hence i could not get myself to the position of liking it.

I usually don’t mention the story. Sorry if you had come here searching for it.

Ghajini (Hindi) – गजनी

After a long time i woke up today early in the morning when it was still cold outside. After a long time i had got up before 7.00 and i was amused by the fact that is was for a movie, that too in a language i am not fluent in. Ghajini got released in Hindi, today and i was there at 10.00AM at the “Sri Balaji” theater to get the tickets. After a long time i got an opportunity to see the first day first show of a movie and it happens to be the first hindi movie to be seen in theater spending money from my pocket. The main reason was because of all the hype and the expectations set by the movie. Also the film was special since it marked the introduction of Asin in Bollywood.

The movie lived upto the expectations. The movie was faithfully and dutifully copied frame by frame from the tamil version, except for the climax which differed a lot. So it gave a sense of satisfaction even for those who have seen the tamil version a lot many times. Instead of Sanjay Ramasaamy you have Sanjay Singhaniah and instead of chennai it is Mumbai and instead of tamil you have hindi. I might have got this feeling, if not for the beautfully made climax, which not so well crafted in the tamil version. Director Murugadoss has worked a lot on identifying the scenes that can be changed so that it is a lot meaningful. The best part of the movie is Asin, who is meticulous in showing the face reactions. Her face reflects the mood and totally allures the audience. Though all the scenes, dialogues and at times the costume was exaclty similar to that of the tamil version, i remained glued to the seat barely producing signs of motion whenever Asin appeared. When Asin is comical, the theater erupts in laughter, when she faces some ordeal, i noticed a pin drop silence. Looks like with Ghajini she has laid a strong foundation and can build upon that to establish a strong career in Bollywood. Aamir plays his role with ease but you could not help comparing Surya with Aamir and often conclude that Surya was a bit better in few scenes. Wont mention about the movie.

But anyway the movie is awesome and soon it might find its way into this year blockbusters. Worth seeing even if you had seen that tamil version many times.

P.S. – Thought the spelling for Ghajini is गजिनी but noticed it was गजनी in posters.


How many times the same story is remade has little to make with the success of the movie. Billa falls into that category. Though this is the fourth version of the movie “Don” the director has made sure that the film is little different from the older version. The most important aspect of the film is the style of Ajith, i saw a different Ajith on the screen. Though i am not an Ajith fan, today got impressed with Ajith’s style. The director Vishuvardhan has made sure that only the positive aspects of Ajith go to the screen.

Once one of my friends told me the most negative aspect of Ajith is his eyes and the way he speaks his dialogues. You wont see any of these in that movie, bcoz his eyes are hidden behind a neat cooling glass for most of the movie and for a change Ajith speaks as little dialogues as possible. Prabhu impresses in the role he adorns but i have very little clue as to why the audience start laughing when he starts speaking serious dialogues. Nayanthara impresses in few scenes. Namitha as usual, no role in the movie except for an item number. The credit goes to vishnuvardhan for the rich set that is seen in almost all part of the movie. The background and costumes for the actors are well chosen and there could not be a better match.

The movie differs in almost all aspects with the previous version. The entire film is done in malaysia and not even in one scene they come to India. Though Rajini’s dance steps are not good his style over shadows that but Ajith’s dance was a disaster and it was visible fully in the screen.  Other than that it is a good movie worth watching. Great because of the richness that is visible through out the movie and you get an opportunity to see an entirely different Ajith after a long time.

Life is beautiful

This weekend i got the opportunity to watch the two movies, one of which i was trying to see for a very long time. One was a hindi movie “Kal Ho Naa Ho” and the next movie was “Life is beautiful”(ofcourse with subtitles). Two beautiful movies which created a lot of impact. I had been trying to see “Kal Ho Naa Ho” for a very long time after i heard about that from my friends. It lived upto my expectations.

The next movie which created a huge impact was the film “Life is beautiful”. It is an old movie and it takes you back to 1939, and is about the discrimination of Jews by Germans. The story is about a Jewish Father “Guido” who struggles hard to hide the cruelties of war from his son. The entire family taken as slaves by Germans and the rule is to kill the old and the children. Here starts the hero imagination where he explains to his son that they are in a interesting game and with his presence of mind manages to describe  every situation as a part of game. It is the story of how he makes  the life beautiful for his son while it is actually the reverse happening.  A movie worth watching.

ATM songs rock..

This is about the remixed songs in the tamil cinema. Almost all films recently released have one or two remixed songs. Malaikotai had one, the remix of “Ennama kannu” in “Thiruvillaiyadal Aarambam” was a hit. Latest in line is the songs from “Azhagiya Tamil magan” or ATM as it is called popularly. Azhagiya Tamilmagan contains the remix of the the famous song “Ponmagal Vanthaal”, if i am right the famous song of sivaji and K.R.Vijaya. In ARR hands the remix looks good. Except for few lines i was not able to understand or even guess other lines. Looks more like a english songs. As usual ARR stands apart from other Music directors and almost all of the songs in the film rocks.

Since i am running out of time, i am stoppign here. Check out of this link for hearing ATM songs