Chithira Pavai

After a long time, i completed reading a book. Thanks to the power cut at home which gave me no other option other than reading the book. I had the choice of reading a subject book and a story book and the obvious choice as usual was the story book. So completed the rest of Akilan’s Chithira Pavai. Thanks to my seniors for suggesting the book and lending the book too.

Its a novel that has won Gnanapit Award, book was released before 35 years, hence wont talk much about the story line. What Akilan has told before 35 years in the book is still valid and will be applicable to the present middle class families. In the middle of the story, Akilan mentions about the desire that slowly arises in the middle class families, which slowly transform into greed, and causes havoc at the end. Can this be ignored now ? No way, i guess. Since this trend can still be seen in most of the middle class families. Is it true with respect to the budding software engineers ? I leave it for you to decide. Also depicted in the book is the struggled of an artist who finds it difficult to make a living, the life of a calm and good natured girl, a gal of exactly opposite character and a character who keeps running behind money.

The final few pages were really interesting and read it at a rapid pace. The end though can be predicted, sounds good. I had aversion towards the social novels like this, due to the misunderstanding that there is nothing new in the social novels. But “Chithira Pavai” proved to be an entertainer with a lot of anecdotes and advice, that can still be applied to the life, which we are leading right now.

Had read a lot of English novels and books and was under the impression that Tamil doesn’t have much, but the view changed after i read Kalki books and it still continues as i continue to explore the rich treasures of Tamil literature.

2 States

I presume that everyone is aware that 2 states is the name of Chetan Bhagat’s latest book. I got an opportunity to read this book last week. I had read, Five point someone, and felt that the book was a little ok. But when i started reading his other books, i felt irritated. Somehow i felt them to be a repetition. 3 guys, a hero among them, a gal, screwed up family, they get into trouble and finally escape blah blah blah. I felt i had nothing to take from his books. So i had stopped in the middle of his other books.

But there was lot of hype about 2 states and moreover it involved TamilNadu. It kindled a little of my curiosity to know what Chetan had to say about TN and Tamil people. But the story was impressive. The book was a bit fast paced and had something not to let my interest die. Both Punjab and Tamilnadu had suffered some serious humiliation at his hands. But it was enjoyable, has humourously brought out the defects or funny sides of both the cultures, starting from the dressing sense, education, food, society etc etc.  Also at few places, some philosophies here and there.

Though on the whole, it was a mass masala like a hind film with just songs missing, i liked it. Worth reading once….

Ponniyin Selvan

This is going to be a review of the first ever Tamil novel i read recently and not about a junk tamil movie that got released in 2005. The book turned out to be quite interesting one. I was struck by Kalki’s imagination, it appears as though everything happens right in front of the eyes. His depiction and the way the characters are introduces is awesome. So elaborate in explanation and so poetic in description kalki wins easily in delivering what was intended. The book also gave a great insight into the Tamil Nadu history and about the medeival chozha empire. The book gives a good description about most of the kings, clans and habits that existed during that time period. Kalki makes use of every available opportunity to provide some historical reference. His characters also highlight the practices that was followed during that time. There were places where Kalki changes the history for the sake of the story, but they were acceptable.

The story starts with “Vallavaraiyan Vanthiyathevan” a vanar kulam prince, taking a message from Aditya Karikalan to his sister Kundavai and king. Later the story plunges into the fight for the chozha throne with  unimaginable stories inter wined which keeps you thinking till you complete the end of the story. Believe me even after the story ends, you might be confused about few parts of the book.  He takes you through the city and Kalki explains the history and beauty of the cities through his eyes and thoughts. His job does not end with that and he gets tasks one by one and we are mostly introduced to the characters through him. Just like the cities,  Kalki explains the beauty of the princesses and their nature through Vanthiyathevan eyes. Kalki provides a very very elaborate description about the characters when they are introduced into the story, so that you get a mental picture of the character. That is the strength of the novel. Kalki has the strength to make you like a character or make it detestable. Kalki imagination seems to gone a bit higher whenever the princesses are involved. The comparisons he makes to compare their beauty is unmatchable.  One more interesting character is Azhwarkadiyaan, it is through him Kalki portrays the feud that existed between  shaivaites and vaishnavaites at that time. Vanthiyathevan is the most adorable character in the book  and at times he steals the limelight from the actual “Ponniyin Selvan“. The princesses Kundavai, Vanathi, Poonguzhali and Nandini are lovable. There are many other characters involved in the book who are important in their own aspect, which you will know when you read the book. Once i started reading the first volume, i could not control my curiosity and i kept reading till i completed it. I am planning to read it once again, as i am completely mesmerized by the book. It does deserve a second reading. Also next in line is “Sivakaamiyin Sabatham” and “Parthiban Kanavu” from Kalki.

Suggestion: Better grab a copy instead of searching for online copies. The book is too good to get disappointed and does not cost much also.

Deathly Hallows At last

At last completed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Thanks to my friend Praveen for lending me his  book. As usual devoted one whole night for the book. Though “Deathly Hallows” was the most awaited book of the Harry Potter series, i could not quite allocate time to read the book quicky. I took more than a week to finish the book.  Anyway finally completed one of the greatest work of JKR.

“Deathly Hallow” was a little slugish in the begining. But after around 300 pages, the plot thickens and what follows is a hard core agical adventure, potrayed in JKR’s style. The fan fiction books and fan’s predictions before the book was released, did spoil the thrill and suspense a bit. Pottermaniacs active in the web, have predicted almost every possible way the plot of “Deathly Hallow” can be written. When i first read “Chamber of secrets” i had no clue about harry potter and the plot made me an ardent fan of Harry Potter. I read Deathly Hallows after reading a fake book, lot of reviews & plot spoilers and after seeing the ending in news channel. If not for JKR’s style i would have felt little boring.

I felt more like looking through the pensieve into Harry Potter memories than reading the book. So engrossed in the plot that it was difficult to push aside the deaths of characters in the book.  Could not count how many characters JKR managed to murder in the final book but it was purely a blood bath, like she mentioned in the interviews. One good thing about the book is that JKR has tried to focus on all the characters in the book and has succeeded to a greater extent. Justification about Snape’s activities and his love story was heart touching. If JKR has wished the book could have been made a little smaller. But these things dont really affect Harry Potter fans.

When i finished the book at 3.30 in the night, could not believe that  have come to the end of one of the most interesting series. Don’t know why but the book aroused all hidden sentiments. The end of the book was not that important, because whether harry potter is alive or not, there is not going to be one more book about the boy wizard. Though Rowling has suggested that she might continue with the series, it was evident from the story line that there is very little probablity of her doing it. Though JKR has put an end to Harry Potter, hope harry potter continues to live on.


Two weeks after the release of the movie and about a week after the release of the book, the situation has not changed and harry potter continues to find a place in the newspapers. Whatever Daniel Radcliffe blabbers is a news. The seventh and the final book created a lot of eagerness even among the muggles, who have not read the previous six books. Thanks to the media for creating so much of hype. I think the media has overdone it. There was a lot of fight among the news channels to disclose the plot of the book. Finally a news channel disclosed the plot as a “Flash News”. Though most of the potter maniacs got the book on the first day there are some like me who are yet to read the book. I never expected them to disclose whether Harry will die or not. Even after reading a lot of plot spoilers in the web, the expectations are still high and i still have lot of faith in J.K.R. Waiting for my friend to finish off the book today, after which two to three nights will be dedicated to “Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

The Fake One

Successfully completed the fake “HarryPotter and the deathly hallows” at the cost of one night sleep. Had the book even before the news about the book occupied the front pages of newspapers. First, read around two hundred pages and was convinced that it was fake as it deviated 100% from JKR’s ways. Since the holidays were moving a lot slower decided to give it a try once again and finally completed few days back. Though i am sure it would be nowhere near the original work of JKR, it can called a reasonably good attempt. There was more of snogging, shagging and other stuffs and a little of story here and there. Looked like the story was developed from reviews and predictions of readers of the previous six books. Lacked foreshadowing, which has been the greatest tool of JKR in attracting the readers. Still it is a good attempt and hope the story of the real harry potter does not match with that of the fake one which most of the HP fans have already managed to read. The recent news is that there are still fifty more pages to be added to the already voluminous 659 pages of the fake one.

Cant wait till july 21 (Not for muggles)

July 21, the day half of the world may be waiting for. The day when the final masterpiece of JKR, Harry potter and the Deathly hallows would be released worldwide. That contains the solution to most of the questions purposivley left unanswered in the sixth book, Harry potter and the half blood prince and is expected to be the most interesting among the seven. No wonder JKR is a great story teller. She has handled the plot so well and it has left the whole fan community speculating about the story line of the seventh book. Many had come with wonderful theories about the seventh book with excerpts from previous books supporting their theories. Most of them feel that Regulus Black is R.A.B., Half of the fans are convinced that dumbledore is not dead and feel snape killing dumbledore is just a drama staged by dumbledore and snape but JKR interview’s suggest something different. Finally there are hard proof theories claiming harry to be the seventh horcrux. These speculations are quite interesting to read indeed.

The answers would become apparent once the book is released. With expectations building i am set to read the six books again before the final one is released. Though there are a lot of speculations about the final book it would be interesting to see how it has been handled by JKR. The only thing i hate in that book would be the death of main characters. Should wait to see what happens.