About Me

This is something i hate the most, Me describing myself. Still to the let the world know my identity i am Senthil Kumaran. I am just about to complete my bachelor degree in computer science engineering. I consider myself as cool headed and spend most of the time with computer, television or in daydreaming. I was fascinated by GNU/Linux and free software about three years before and my life took a turn there i think. My interest in programming ranges from operating system development and Networking to simple HTML programming. I always love to hang around and chat with friends. That ends the small intro about me.

About the blog
What you find here in this blog ? This blog would contain anything that manages to catch my attention. So it may contain posts about the recent technology, my rants, adventures and misadventures etc. There would also be some interesting posts about programming and GNU/Linux. Some times(once in a year or once in few months) there may also be reviews about movies which i manage to see. You could not derive anything about me by reading this as it is not my personal dairy. I would rarely blog about myself and most of the times i am in extreme happiness or sorrow when i blog something.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Senthil — That’s nice post! Are you still at TCE? I’m an alumnus of TCE (MCA ’91) and was in the college recently. I recently posted a blog (http://thisthoughtcounts.blogspot.com) – a photo essay “Walk Down Memory Lane at TCE”.
    I’d like to know a current student’s perspective. When you find the time away from your TV & Daydreaming, can you let me have your comments? Thanks, Karthik.

  2. HI Senthil

    I came across your blogs and your exp. in every tour.

    I am intersted in visiting kollimalai-near Salem with my family in the month end…
    i very recently came to know about this tourist spot, and hence i have no clue about how to reach there, hotels & food facilities etc.

    will you be able to send out an email with some info….

    would be highly obliged…

    if you dont mind sharing your contact no… i would be more willing to contact u


  3. dear senthilkumaran .
    i am a lawyer practising in erode , tamilnadu. i am new to internet and reading blogs . your blog gives me good information. keep posting matters for novices like me.


  4. Hey how about exchanging thoughts and get connected to a cause ” changing people’s lives? would you be keen to use the internet and make a fortune? then use the technology and i will show you how to make it possible..
    write me on satyasar@gmail.com or reach me on +91 9611516444

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