Its over

Its over, after four good months.. started eating non veg again with my moms special, fish curry. nobody to blame and no reason to contemplate. Just that its over.

But I did like this four months. It was great. The first month was tough. Chicken and fish danced in front of me and I did find it difficult to keep my hands off them. Adding to these were few treats in barbecue nation and malgudi, my favorite hunting grounds. I stayed on. After that it was a cake walk. Staying veg was not difficult. The difficult part was answering the world. What, why, when etc etc.

So why did I end it ? Well I am not going to answer that. Just that, its over. I will start it again, but don’t expect any announcements 🙂

Looks like will need illaiyaraja’s help to sleep tonight. Will have to try from now on. Bye.

5 thoughts on “Its over

  1. Good… To be honest. I agree with your comments that to be vegetarian is easy. But answering the world is difficult. Next time try to be vegetarian for 1 year. I used to be veg for 1 year and then go back to non-veg 😉

    • Wonderful question… To me it was the following among lot other reasons…

      1) A chance to eat veg food which i would have never tried in life (remember cholaiyil sanjeevanam)
      2) A change of opinion regarding veg food.
      3) A satisfaction that i still control few things 🙂
      4) Also, weight reduced drastically….

  2. I feel the others are more important rather than the weight loss , living up a goal for more abstract things is difficult 🙂 .

    One reason u can give ‘ I am trying to save the planet’ , atleast save my ego 🙂

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