Its all about her

She stood there in the sun, glittering like a finest diamond on earth.  Mesmerized, i looked on. Bored friends around me reminded, there is nothing special about her. Of course not to them, but to me she was special, very special. Going back few months, remembered the day she walked into my life, or rather the day when i walked into her life. I liked her at first sight. It didn’t take longer to develop into admiration. Everyday i look at her, she looks new. The twinkling eye captivated me, looks stunned me, but it was the calm and quite nature that attracted me the most. Calmness is her distinguishing feature. With her, life seems to be ultra fast and smooth 🙂 Around nine months have passed and the admiration has not reduced a bit. I still spend some time admiring her, whenever i get a chance. This admiration will vanish away with age as time flies by, so decided to capture it and keep it safe in a wordpress server with sufficient backups 🙂

So what about her ? What she thinks about me ? Guess it should be lots of dislike considering the way i handled her. Anyway have very few pictures of her in my laptop, check them out here,

If you got any other thoughts while reading this ,, try reading this again with context after seeing the picture 🙂 If you still have doubts, hmmmmmm…….