Costly Affair

Was talking with my niece over the phone. Though she utters few words over the phone, this is the first time she was telling me some rhymes, that too completely, with a lot of enthusiasm. The reason behind the change is she has been going to school for few days, her first step towards interaction with a lot of kids around her. Since she had spent most part of her first two years inside the house, with minimal interaction with children, the idea of meeting a lot of children kept her excited i guess.

Good that they had the play school concept, which allows kids to get accustomed to the school environment, with interest. But the cost at which it comes, exceeds the cost that we might have spent during the entire engineering course. 45K for just two hours of class everyday. Looks like it is the same in Bangalore too, could be a little higher also. That is more than the total money i spent in a yyear doing my B.E. From what i heard from few of my seniors, they completed four years of Engineering in half the amount now collected in Play School.

Few Parents seemed a lot worried it seems, about the performance of the child. Worries about performance at two years is very early i guess. Education and Medicine are two things, where people wont take a chance. Which also gives the businessmen a chance to reap rich which they are doing without fail. Cant say whether the parent’s views are wrong, but what is clearly wrong is the schools using the opportunity to smuggle in the name of education. The situation is not likely to change, i might end up doing the same mistake in future, but still could not stop thinking at present.

2 thoughts on “Costly Affair

  1. The prevailing situation has to change. This cant continue like this.
    Ppl is IT industry and other money pouring industry can afford this. What about ordinary middle class, ppl struggling to meet their daily bread?
    Senthil nee maathanum idha. unala mattum dan mudiyum.. edavadhu panu…

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