Chithira Pavai

After a long time, i completed reading a book. Thanks to the power cut at home which gave me no other option other than reading the book. I had the choice of reading a subject book and a story book and the obvious choice as usual was the story book. So completed the rest of Akilan’s Chithira Pavai. Thanks to my seniors for suggesting the book and lending the book too.

Its a novel that has won Gnanapit Award, book was released before 35 years, hence wont talk much about the story line. What Akilan has told before 35 years in the book is still valid and will be applicable to the present middle class families. In the middle of the story, Akilan mentions about the desire that slowly arises in the middle class families, which slowly transform into greed, and causes havoc at the end. Can this be ignored now ? No way, i guess. Since this trend can still be seen in most of the middle class families. Is it true with respect to the budding software engineers ? I leave it for you to decide. Also depicted in the book is the struggled of an artist who finds it difficult to make a living, the life of a calm and good natured girl, a gal of exactly opposite character and a character who keeps running behind money.

The final few pages were really interesting and read it at a rapid pace. The end though can be predicted, sounds good. I had aversion towards the social novels like this, due to the misunderstanding that there is nothing new in the social novels. But “Chithira Pavai” proved to be an entertainer with a lot of anecdotes and advice, that can still be applied to the life, which we are leading right now.

Had read a lot of English novels and books and was under the impression that Tamil doesn’t have much, but the view changed after i read Kalki books and it still continues as i continue to explore the rich treasures of Tamil literature.

6 thoughts on “Chithira Pavai

  1. Hi Senthil,

    Haven’t read the book, but I know what you’re talking about the desire that slowly tranforms to greed. We just had our first child and bought a house. Our former happily bohemian life is now transformed by concern about paying a mortgage and whether we should send our girl to private school. Making good money honestly is a struggle.


    • Hi… do u know Aru Azhagappan’s drama “koll paavai”… this story actually comes in syllabus for 1st year…. tamil language paper…. 2008/2009 thiruvalluvar university……… unfortunately i dont hav that book with me…. i tried almost all key words to find over internet but could not find it….if u know this story plz send me the line or screen shot ot photo images of this story… plz……….

  2. I read this book many years ago, almost around 20 years ago, but from that book few last pages were missing. Ever since that time I have tried my best to get hold of either English or Telugu version, as I cannot read Tamil. I would appreciate if any one can mail me info as to from where this can be ordered. I tried my best to get info on web. Regards


  3. I read The english version of this book “Potrait of a woman” in National Library around 15 years before. Checked with Sahitya Akademy, New Delhi about the book but unfortunately could not get a suitable reply from the concerned. Its really a good book.Also understand from few tamil publishers that the book is going to be released in english shortly. I shall appreciate to have the information if the book has been released in english.
    Tikayat Ray – Doha, Qatar

  4. There is no morals which was untold in Tamil. From Valluvar to kambar to Kaniyan . happy you have realized it atleast now.

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