Though i blog about all movies that i see in theaters there are very few movies that are make an impact. “Pasanga” belongs to that genre. Cant be better than this. I watched the movie in Sathyam cinemas, Chennai after attending a marriage there. I have heard a lot about Sathyam theatres from my friends and it did live upto my expectation.

The movie rocks from the begining and a slight tint of humour follows till the end. This makes the movie more enjoyable. The core concept on which the movie is spun seems to be a little weak, it is just about the silly fight that exists between two sixth standard students, but the dialogues and screenplay makes sure that you get fully engrossed with the movie. The director is to be appreciated for the child artists deliver what was expected. Could not find any flaw from any of the characters in the movie. Vega who did not have any role in Saroja, plays the role of a homely village girl with perfection and makes an impact. The directory has not failed to notice even small things. I am not sure this was the result of his observations or he remembered his whole school life. The second half turns a bit serious, with the director making attempts to deliver some message out to the audience. There were few unwanted scenes at the ends which could have been removed. On the whole it was a great movie to watch. It is a must watch for grown ups, for children i am not sure. The movie goes a bit too far in displaying the rivalry among the students. The melody “Oru vetkan varuthae” impresses.

On the whole the movie is great, would recommend watching it.

Auto experience

This happened when i started for the Munnar trip from Bangalore. Usually i patronize the BMTC buses when compared to the autos. The main reason is because of the already bad experiences with the auto drivers. Anyway coming back to the story the KSRTC bus to cochin starts from KSRTC satelite bus stand at Mysore road. I decided to go to Majestic bus stand and then get a bus from there. Since it was late, i was forced and unwillingly started the hunt for auto. I was searching for the Prepaid auto counter. I was lucky to find the counter soon but unlucky since it was closed. This is where the drama started.

There were around 5 to 6 auto drivers there and here are the dialogue in my words that should give you a picture of what happened there.

Auto driver 1: Come sir, where do you want to go ?
Me: Looked at the auto drivers suspciously, i usually avoid group of auto drivers, since it is a lot more difficult to handle them when compared to a single guy.
Auto driver 2: What is your mother tongue sir ?
Me: Tamil
Auto driver 2: Where do you want to go from there(in Tamil)
Me: To ernakulam
Auto driver 2: Ok ok. Buses to ernakulam will start from there only. Might have felt that they are very very supportive.
Me: ok
Auto driver 2 to Auto driver 3: Looked like Auto driver 2 was the head and he ordered auto driver 3 to take me to the destination.
Auto driver 4: Give him 150 Rs only. (Suddenly this guy popped up from nowhere)
Auto driver 3 (One who is supposed to take me): No sir, he is just kidding, you need to give me Rs 150.

(I was pleased for a moment)

Auto driver 3: You can pay me just Rs 120, that should be ok. I will drop you there. He told this with such an innocent face, that even who knew the place would believe it might take 120 Rs to reach there.

Luckily i had done some survey and i was aware of the distance and the route the auto guy has to take. The total distance was just 4.3 KM from Majestic and it would not cost more than 35. I knew what he is asking four times the original amount. I decided not to go in that auto, so started the argument.

Me: 120 for just 5 Kms or what ?
Auto driver 3: I will take you for free if it is 5 kms.
Me: It is 5Km.
Auto driver 3: Do you know about the traffic at that place.

I was not aware and need not be. So putting a full stop to the useless argument walked away letting his cries get lost in the noise. Soon i found a good guy who did not ask for anything except the meter amount.

The experience was totally different when we reached Cochin. Everytime the auto drivers demanded atleast five Rupees less than what my friend told as nominal.

This post was mainly for someone who are new to Bangalore. Best way is to use the BMTC, if not check out google map and so that you have an idea on the amount. will even give you auto fare between two places, but does not cover all routes.

The Munnar Trip

Since most of my school friends will be joining college for further studies next month, we thought of going for a trip before that. Initial plan was to go for an IPL match, but soon it was ruled out once IPL was moved to South Africa and we decided upon Munnar. The trip turned out to be nice and enjoyable though we did not plan well enough.

Started on thursday evening to Cochin in KSRTC special bus. The speciality of the bus is it will start late, bus will be bit older than normal buses and we will have to rely on just one driver who will have to drive for the next 14 hours without sleeping. Anyway reached Cochin safely at 12.00 and went to Vinod’s home. He had changed a bit and was talking like Major Sundarrajan, who has acted in old tamil movies. To lend more clarity, Major Sundarrajan says a dialogue in english, and repeats the same in Tamil. He was behaving in a similar way 🙂 cant blame him, with nobody to talk in Tamil at cochin the change is expected. Anyway we started to Munnar in another KSRTC where K stands for Kerala and not Karnataka. Kerala buses resemble the buses shown in 1960 tamil movies. They definitely have a large scope of improvement. But driver’s expertise in driving the bus through the hilly terrain was impressive and we reached Munnar correctly at 7.30 PM.

Once we stepped into munnar, we were sure that we are not going to get any room. Looked like tourists have invaded Munnar trying to evade the summer heat. We tried hunting for rooms but could not get anything, finally with the help of an auto driver Subramani, booked a room which i can safely call as bit expensive. We retired to sleep on that night with plans of going for sight seeing the next day.

Next day (saturday) we started towards the Mattupetty direction stopping at places wherever there was a scenic view. Soon we discovered that the entire path is going to be liked that, with Tea estates covering the entire hills and provided a pleasant in every direction. Few places of interest in that direction are Mattupetty dam, Kundale dam, Top station.

Next day (Sunday) since we had to return back to Cochin to catch the bus back to our city at 7.40, visited just the Leckam waterfalls and came back. We had stayed away from the scorching heat for two days, and Cochin heat was untolerable. The return journey was also in the same special bus, with the same driver who once again managed to bring us back to the city safely. If we had gone to Munnar directly skipping cochin, we could have got more time to spend in Munnar. Munnar will need atleast three days to rest and enjoy the weather. Also book for rooms in advance to avoid troubles at the end.

The post was more about my personal experience, check my friend’s post for more details here.

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