Device Driver For Goatee

That is the title of my final year project. Just started looking into the present state of goaTee. Thanks to the beautifully written docs by our seniors. We started it with just the passion for operating system development driving us into the project. My first experience with the operating system development was with AAOSK – Application adaptive operating system kernel. That was a great oppurtunity for us to get some feel of operating system development. Though our part in AAOSK is very small that gave us the oppurtunity to know about some GNU tools, difficulty in OS development and of course we listened to some beautiful lectures by our seniors. Now i am back with OS development and with greater aims and greater responsiblities. I am still reading the documents and to be more specific still searching for documents that would give some information about the device driver development, but could not get much.

Yesterday we had the zeroth review of the project and it went pretty cool. The questions were easy and the review lasted for about twenty minutes. Now it is time to do some hard work and start the implementation. For those who want to take a look at the presentation that we did for the review it is available here

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